Nikon D750 Digital SLR Camera with 24-85 mm Lens Kit (24.3 MP) 3.2 inch Tilt-Screen LCD with Wi-Fi

November 3, 2014 - Comment

NIKON D750 + 24-85 VR

NIKON D750 + 24-85 VR


Paul W says:

Amazing low light abilities and great auto focus *** Update 23 Oct 2014 ***Had a few more chances to take photos and remain generally very impressed.What impressed me today was the amazing ability to pull details out of shadows.I took a photo on the moors just after dawn – although a sort of sunrise it was still quite low light. I deliberately underexposed by 2/3 of a stop to keep highlights in the sky and also of the reflections on the large pond in front. But this did mean everywhere else was quite…

G Thurtle says:

Fantastic camera – Great Upgrade from d610.. almost a d810. So far seems like a nice little camera. I can see Nikon selling lots of these things. It’s a nice little bump over the d600/d610 (assuming no bugs, oil splats, issues arise with anything anytime soon). It’s significantly cheaper than the d810 so if you don’t need the 36mpx then you can now save some money with this camera. You do give up some AF coverage spread v the d810 and D4s cameras though so i’d recommend looking through this to see if it’s an issue for…

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